My brother and I fished a bass competition at Somerset as team Polycraft and picked up second place. It was my first bass comp this year and it was interesting to see some of onlookers checking out the Polycraft between the sessions.

Even with all the fast and flash American imports, I had a couple of different groups interested in my boat. I guess the fancy imports might look good but a lot of guys genuinely interested in buying a boat can’t afford one or it’s too impractical.

Jason Ehrlich – Tournament Fisherman

“Because of the unique requirements of the South Australian Gulf channels and waterways we urgently needed a shallow water craft in our flotilla. We chose Polycraft, and this vessel will be a huge benefit for our Coast resources.”

Janet McDonald,
Commander, SAF8 Coast Guard, Port Augusta, SA

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association

“Polycraft was the only choice for my boat business - hardwearing, no maintenance and easy to put into survey with the survey standard foaming option.”

Rob Howell, Owner/Operator

Big Barra Hire Boats - Lake Monduran, Queensland