Col Bradley loves his 4.10 Polycraft

Here is my story. I have researched Polycraft for many years. Seriously looked at it compared to current Aluminium boats. Finally took the plunge in July this year and purchased 2010 Polycraft 4.1 Challenger open boat with DT30 Suzuki outboard, privately from guy at Armidale. The boat had been purchased 12 months previously from dealer […]

How Tough are Polycraft Boats – Mick’s 110km highway crash!

Mick was towing his boat back home after a fishing trip to Hinchinbrook in late 2007.  Doing 110km/hour on the Bruce Highway, he heard an almighty crashing sound and saw his 4.55 boat skidding along the bitumen, then catapulting into a cane drain. What should have been a life ending experience for any boat, ended […]

Polycraft Tuff Tender Hammer Test

Watch as we flog the Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender with a mallet and notice how the boat withstands the impact, damage free with only a small black scuff mark that is easily scrubbed off. This same test performed on a tinny or glass boat would certainly reveal a much worse result.  The glass boat would […]