Polycraft Boats for Commercial Operators

Polycraft boats are well suited for commercial usage because of their stability, durability, low maintenance attributes and dual skin design. This dual skin design provides the required cavity for placement of positive flotation to be installed to attain the required Level Flotation format at a cost-effective price point.

Since Polycraft's inception in 2001 we have supplied significant amounts of boats in all models and configurations to the commercial sector for many and varied end users such as:

  • commercial fisherman
  • charter operators
  • water taxi operators
  • hire and drive businesses
  • local councils
  • government departments
  • non-profit organisations

With a high percentage of these boats still in service today, which is a testament to a Polycraft Hulls durability, safety and longevity.

Polycraft hulls are compliant with the NSCV and are available in Non-Survey and Exemption 40 classifications for commercial end users, for more information contact Polycraft on 1800 336 603

Low Maintenance
Dual Skin Hull
Level Flotation

Feature image of TestimonialHamilton Island, in beautiful Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef, requires a sturdy, stable and somewhat bulletproof vessel for our Hire Fleet, and the Polycraft range has certainly fulfilled that requirement.

Hamilton Island has been running a fleet of 10 Polycraft hire boats for over 11 years and will continue using these stable operational vessels for many years to come. The life span, ease of use and repair have certainly influenced the decision to stick with Polycraft, they are easily the best choice for hire and drive applications.

Matt Tempero, Vessel Fleet Manager
Hamilton Island
Matt Tempero – Hamilton Island
Feature image of Testimonial“Because of the unique requirements of the South Australian Gulf channels and waterways we urgently needed a shallow water craft in our flotilla. We chose Polycraft, and this vessel will be a huge benefit for our Coast resources.”

Janet McDonald,
Commander, SAF8 Coast Guard, Port Augusta, SA
The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association