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How Tough are Polycraft Boats – Mick’s 110km highway crash!

Mick was towing his boat back home after a fishing trip to Hinchinbrook in late 2007.  Doing 110km/hour on the Bruce Highway, he heard an almighty crashing sound and saw his 4.55 boat skidding along the bitumen, then catapulting into a cane drain.

Mick's Boat

What should have been a life ending experience for any boat, ended up being a few hardly noticeable small surface abrasions.  Mick said he was amazed at how tough the Polycraft boats were when pushed past any normal boat limits.  He was equally impressed with how quick the Polycraft was to fix, to the point where the hull looked as good as new.   

The repair job was easy as….

Mick's Repair Job