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Col Bradley loves his 4.10 Polycraft

Here is my story.

I have researched Polycraft for many years. Seriously looked at it compared to
current Aluminium boats.

Finally took the plunge in July this year and purchased 2010 Polycraft 4.1
Challenger open boat with DT30 Suzuki outboard, privately from guy at
Armidale. The boat had been purchased 12 months previously from dealer in
Coffs Harbour. The boat had been used for 8 hours only, in fresh water dams
around the New England area. Boat fitted with carpet, sounder and watersnake
electric motor.

My mates and I fish predominately in rivers, lakes and estuaries using soft
plastics and extremely light gear, so I wanted a boat that had plenty of
open space, heaps of storage, tough, reliable, easy to clean and looked
good. Please name another boat that fits this description. That’s right
there is no other boat that will take us where we want to go, and let us
fish the way we fish. Just remember the three fishing buddies weight in
excess of 300kg and are all 1.8m or taller. We are not little boys and need
a stable platform. Name another boat that will do that, correct there isn’t

Anyway to get a true try out of the boat , we went to Iluka and the Clarence
River estuary for a week. We fished daily most times twice a day. Through
the week we went everywhere from the river mouth to many kilometres up the
Clarence. We fished mostly in water less than one metre and caught a heap of
fish. Mostly flathead and bream with some nice jewfish thrown in. We did not
keep any flathead under 40cm or bream under 30cm. All large fish were
returned to breed. We bought home over 13kg fillets each and had 4 large
fish meals up there. The boat performed extraordinarily. Whether we were
stalking flatties in the shallows, big bream on the middle wall, jewie out
the mouth of the river, or whiting with poppers on the flats. It was just
too easy. The boat gets on the plane smartly, using only about 12 litres of
fuel for the whole day. Excellent when you consider the amount of weight in
the boat. Best bream for the trip was 1.4kg. Best flattie 86cm. No matter
where we went the polycraft had no troubles handling the conditions and had
plenty of room for us. Must say that every day at the boat ramp, we got
asked questions about the boat and where we were catching all the fish.

I just can’t tell you how impressed myself and fishing mates are with the
boat. Great product, great price, fantastic design. It is just the ideal
boat for our type of fishing.

Regards Col Bradley.