Side Console

4.50 Drifter - Side Console

4.50 Polycraft Drifter Side Console 

The 4.50 Drifter Side Console is a brilliantly laid out boat for the hardcore fisherman. If you want the benefit of steering from a seated helm position, while at the same time retaining a large amount of useable floor space, then the brilliant 4.50 Drifter Side Console is the answer.

The driver is positioned in the rear starboard corner, behind a console unit which provides protection from the elements and also great visibility.

The console unit can be used to mount electronics, such as sounders and engine gauges, and also has built in dry storage facilities.

The 4.50 Drifter Side Console comes in eight great, classic Polycraft colours and is a real catch for those keen on their angling.

With generous storage under the split front hatch, as well as in the two huge rear storage seats, this boat is built for the fisherman and boater who likes to keep a tidy deck.


Length: 4.50m
Length (boat/motor/trailer): 6.20m
Height on trailer: 2.00m
Beam: 1.99m
Depth: 0.92m
Weight: 315.00kg
Shaft Length: 20.00 inches
HP Rating: 60
Capacity: 5 People (400kg)

Available Colours

Apple Green
Barrier Red
Cobalt Blue
Regal Blue
Torris Blue

Conditions apply on weight and dimensions of boats as these are shown as approximate molded sizes and options will vary the weight of vessels.